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Preserving Tradition thru Woman Empowerment


A quilt is a multi-layered textile, traditionally composed of three layers of fiber: a woven cloth top, a layer of batting or wadding, and a woven back, combined using the technique of quilting, the process of sewing the three layers together. The pattern of stitching can be the key decorative element if a single piece of fabric is used for the top of a quilt (a “wholecloth quilt”), but in many cases the top is pieced from a patchwork of smaller fabric pieces; and the pattern and color of these pieces will be important to the design.

Quilts disclose valuable historical information about their creators, “visualizing particular segments of history in tangible, textured ways.”[2] In the twenty-first century, quilts are frequently displayed as non-utilitarian works of art[3] but historically quilts were often used as bedcovers; and this use persists today.

In general, quilts are generally described as “mainly patchwork designed patterns with multiple patches sewn together to create an old fashioned real patchwork look, some are designed in more modern designs and patterns. They are lightweight and breathable, with very little to no filling, making it perfect during the spring and summer seasons.”

(In modern English, the word “quilt” can also be used to refer to an unquilted duvet or comforter.)

– Source Wikipedia


Queen size, king size, baby quilts


back packs, tote, sling

Table Mat

give an asthetic look to your dining table

Pillows & Cushions

Patch worked uphostery covers


Quilt Collective is an extremely noble enterprise Mrs Archana Jagtap has started. Not only it provides employment to hardworking and very skill full women, it also helps their work reach out. But the most important thing about Quilt Collective is the exquisite designed quilts with fantastic colour combination and a durability that truly reminds us of our rich heritage. Thanks for the warmth Quilt Collective. Strongly recommended!

– Shakuntala Joshi

Quilt Collective is the Perfect Example of Vocal for Local, Archana Ji Encouraging Local women to come out of their daily routine household task to Showcase the Old Maharashtrian culture to the Work

– Girish Sakharkar ,Sr Business analyst
Redhat, Pune


Top Quality CraftsWomanship

Woman power, handmade patch work by hardworking group of women.

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Quilt making is an Art
Keeps your family warm

A quilt is a multi-layered textile, traditionally composed of three layers of fiber. Patch work, hand woven by group of ladies.


Beautiful, artistic patch work


Traditional Art


Helping hardworking woman


Each piece is unique



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