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In the year 2010, I started working individually, then got an opportunity in 2012 to join interactive forum “Alochana”. while working on the interactive forum with the Women Research Institute, I understood many of the women’s issues. I was also trying to find answers to those questions.
Gradually, when the number of women communicators decreased, it was noticed that if a woman took something at home in the form of money or goods, it was fine with the family, but they did not like to take anything in the intellectual form. At the same time, there was a demand from the women that we should have some home-based business So that we can make some earning out of it.
There was a camp which helped many women to solve their problems in the materialistic world. During this camp, I thought of doing something to help these women and make them financially sound and self-sufficient.
I researched the village and market and started searching for what exactly can be done for the women of the village. The women in the village used to sew quilts, they use to make quilts to recycle old clothes at home, some women sew other people’s quilts and make a living from it. A thought came to our mind that we should help the women to earn their living by making quilts and selling it in the market, which gave birth to “QUILT COLLECTIVE”.

There were many designs of quilts made by all types of sarees. To make our position in the market we have to give something different, that would catch the eye of every customer and stand different. Therefore, we decided to make quilts from the Maharashtrian Nauwari (Nau-wari) saree.
The Maharashtrian Nauwari Saree is actually a very beautiful type as it has all the features of beautiful edge and warmth of soft yarn.
I started designing, drafting and colour matching patches for quilts.  Gathering the women, training them in sewing, explaining the finishing and explaining to the women the way the quilts are sold in the market.
In the same way, the texture of the fabric, the quality of the fabric, I started to see all these things, which also increased my knowledge about the textiles. We started our work with a single sewing machine, an iron and several women ……..

Women empowerment is not just about sewing, the word women empowerment has many facets. While working on the issue of Godhadi with women for the last five years, women have been facing many questions. Many women make many good things at home. Women do not understand how to market these products or how to promote these products as there is no good market for these products. That is why we intend to gradually add all these things to the website. 

We are launching this website as www.quiltcollective.in as a collective effort of our quilting work and all these other women’s work. It is intended to cover everything from household spices to papad-pickles, creative items to compost fertilizers. I have undertaken this task with this expectation that everyone will support this new experiment.

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Founder, Quilt Collective

Hello! this is Archana Jagtap from Quilt Collective. I am the Founder of this organization. I use to work for women empowerment and I always try to help women in every possible way, then after some time I realized that instead of helping them this way. I should try to provide them a source of income that is constant and they can manage it easily from home. That’s how I came up with the idea of making quilts / rugs at home. Initially there were only a few women with us. But gradually the numbers of people increased and now we are group of 30 women. And we are hoping to get more women on board with us.

On this occasion I remembered by Grandmother “Late Krishnabai” , as she used to make beautiful quilts for herself and neighbours also urged her to sew quilts for them.
I learned this skills from her and now helping other women to become self-sufficient.
Today she is not with us, but her love and blessings are always with me. Thanks Grandma, RIP, missing you…



Hello, I am going to share my pleasant experience about Quilt Collective. On my daughters naming ceremony, I wanted to avoid thermocol as it is harmful to the environment therefore decided on the traditional theme. Baby Quilt and baby name on it! I immediately called Archana and told her my idea and in the next five minutes she sent me the quilt designs I wanted. Finalised the design with changes, and the quilt I wanted arrived in my hands ahead of time. Now speaking of the quilt, very soft but warm, great sewing and very durable, artistic design at a very reasonable price. Many thanks to Quilt Collective and Archana and best wishes for the future!!

– Bhakti Kulkarni

I had the opportunity of working with Quilt Collective for a brief period while I was interning at KA-SHA. An enthusiastic group that quilt collective is, they always showed eagerness to learn and grasp new things however complicated they may be. They are always ready to offer new help and have a "never say no" attitude imbibed. All in all, it was an exalting learning experience for me to have worked with the Quilt Collective family.

– Ankita khoje, Student of fashion designing

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